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Monthly Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter # 183 Akashic Records – House Clearings – Intuitive Readings  Multidimensional Energy Work – Reflexology – Reiki Master & Instructor WELCOME TO October 2023 I was asking myself if I was ready for fall. Not really, but I do adjust pretty quick to seasonal weather. This year I have yet to…

Meet the author

Kimberley Buckler

Kimberley is an empathic healer who shares her gentle healing techniques with her clients. She provides respect and comfort during the treatments along with sharing thoughts for growth: physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Since becoming a Reiki Master in 2002, Kim’s training has gone beyond the traditional Reiki training as she works with the other realms, Angels, Fairies, Animal Kingdom and the Ancient Ones. Adding a bit of mediumshipintuitive readingshelping walk ins and providing light body integrations (which includes DNA adjustments) brought many changes in the lives of the clients.