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October 2023

Newsletter # 183

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WELCOME TO October 2023

I was asking myself if I was ready for fall. Not really, but I do adjust pretty quick to seasonal weather.

This year I have yet to do any preserving and praying that I get my butt into gear and just get into it. The benefits of making home preserves is immense. You can purchase locally grown produce and turn something 3 to 4 times its cost: jams, pickles, pies, and more. We can freeze, preserve, or dehydrate fruits and vegetables to use in the winter. I personally love the results and the preserving is so worth it.

My book second book “Essentials for Natural Healing” has information on the health benefits for herbs, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. In chapter fifteen there are suggestions to help keep us healthy, our immune system strong, and how to improve our well being naturally without chemicals and other toxins. October brings in the flu season and more people are inside with the weather changes and poor with eating habits. We also need to keep our sugar consumption down, as the sugar lowers our immune system. There is the candy at Halloween, parents buying lunch supplies that are laced with chemicals (food dyes and preservatives). Adults getting into sugary fall fast food drinks.

I am hoping that October brings in more creativity to help fill some of my time off. Wonderful time to sit down and look for ideas, maybe start making them as gifts during the Christmas season if you celebrate it, or for other occasions. I personally prefer giving gifts that I have created. It is so much fun to share what I love doing. How about you? The gifts can be what you preserve, something you love to bake or cook, a craft that you enjoy. Have fun! I know I will.

Thank you very much for being here with me and joining me on this magical journey! I know that you too can reach your goals, and live a life of magic that you truly deserve to have.

  • My tarot deck involves the Animal Kingdom, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, and Mother Earth. 
  • We have options to help us heal our chakra’s through the Major Arcana: Eagle, and with the Minor Arcana: Bear, Whale, Wolf, and Owl. 
  • The support tools will involve how we can use crystals, herbs, healing techniques, easy life skills, and positive approaches to life itself.

If you are interested in entity releases, Akashic Record sessions, energy work, house clearings, intuitive multinational readings, Reiki, or workshops, please email me:

Workshops can be taken to near by towns or we can set up one better suited for your time.

Featured Treatment

Soul Retrieval

There may be a time over a person where they have totally detached a part of themselves (soul / spirit) to cope with a dramatic event. This can happen at any time or age. Many of the traumatic events appear to happen when a person is a small child, but this can happen during the teen age years or as an adult in the present lifetime. Most times the initial situation was not triggered by the person, but by something or someone that was in their lives at that time. When the fragment is detached from the person has a hard time accepting change or grow into the person that they are fully capable of being. 

When working with the client, a picture or vision of the persons energetic grid comes to my mind. With this, I am shown that there is a hole that had been blown through the grid. The Soul Retrieval is done by bringing back those fragments and clearing them with the violet flame before it is integrated back into the human body. Once the fragment is brought back in, we can heal and reseal the grid. When the process is complete, the person feels whole and can continue in a healthier state of well being. This work is done during a Reiki session or while working with the Akashic Records.

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Fairy Realm


Gnomes, like the fairies and elves are starting to show themselves again, to those who truly believe in them. These magical beings are also known as an elemental. We can find the gnomes in our yards, the forests, and the magical little caves that you find on the hillside. Some believe that these amazing beings are protectors and will keep our homes and properties safe. (I have gnomes at my entrance).

The gnomes are little ones, about a foot high, and said to wear red hats. I know the hats are not all red, as one needs to do patching on the hats, or hats made from a scarf that was repurposed.

There is not waste in nature, and there are no garbage dumps, as everything is used. The gnome lives peacefully with his environment and leaves no hint that he was there. He must keep his family safe, and den protected.

The gnomes are hard workers. I believe they also help the fairies and elves with building projects, as they can move the land in a way that provides more stability. The gnomes’ connection with the land and soil, shows us how unconnected we are. We will strip land more miles searching for a mineral, where the gnome pays attention to all the minerals there, the structures, and can see where the weak spots are. They are the best miners that we have on the planet, as the land is properly reclaimed and the other elements that are needed are not removed and stay intact for future mining.



About 8-9 years ago, at the U Pick farm, I was helping with some weeding.   When I got to the patch that was being worked on there was a beautiful owl standing on a hay bale right by the garden and by other people that were weeding. This is not normal for an owl to be in the presence of humans and so close in day light. I took the time to stop and energetically connect with this beautiful bird. It appeared that his one wing was hurt. I did some Reiki for a bit to help out.  Later that day the owl was able to fly off and head back home.  When we all work together to bring knowledge, health, and peace back to the planet, we can enter the state of wisdom such as the owl.  

The owl represents Wisdom, Magic, and Vision of the Night. 

When seeing the owl, one is humbled by its presence. Owl is a symbol of the feminine side, the energy of the moon, prophecy, to be able to see into the darkness and more. Each culture over the years have had a special connection to this amazing bird.

Goddess Athena of the ancient Greeks considered the owl as a higher state of wisdom. With the early Christians, the owl represented Adams first wife who realized that she did not want to be submissive to her husband.  With some of the native cultures the owl represented evil and death, yet at the same time represented fertility (again, the feminine).  Others thought the owl to be connected to clairvoyance, magic, and astral projections. 

When one is ready to work with the owl medicine, they are ready to become truth seeker.  They can hear and see what other people are trying to hide (clairvoyance and clairaudience). To be able to see what is being hidden or hear what is not being said. The truth seeker, as the owl, hears and sees beyond the capabilities of others and this can at times create an uneasiness with those who do not speak the truth.  The ones that are trying to hide things learn to avoid those with the acute senses.  The Owls vision and hearing at night and during the day is very sharp and they don’t miss anything. The owl medicine is said to be able to extract secrets. 

There are over 100 species of owls around the world. Owls are better hunters of mice than cats are. They can catch up to ten times more mice or other rodents in a night than a cat ever could. When they fly, they are silent, you don’t hear their wings in flight. 

It is said that is you combine the owl feathers and hawk feathers together in a bundle above your bed, it can help with dream interpretation and astral projection.

Keeper of Ancient Wisdom Tarot” by Kimberley Anne Buckler




It seems like forever to get to your goal or desired outcome, when you want to have everything in place now, and want to see all the results. The Universe can bring amazing ideas to us, through visions or affirmations. As one gets to see and feel this vision, as in the Ace of Wolf, the seeds were being shared and some planted, while in the next step, is to see where our ideas can take us.

When we sit down to do a project, it feels like the idea process was a lot easier. Now is the time to get out the vision board or our journal and plan what we would like to achieve in life, and which directions or paths need to be traveled to get our research done or gather other experiences to assist us along the way.

The master knows that through lessons or experiments we will get the right materials to build our home or shelter. This is the time to realize that there are so many possibilities ahead and not to be stubborn and set your mind on just one idea.

Are you rushing and not fully taking each step? Did you get stuck, and can not find a solution? Are you limiting yourself and your talents? Are you following your heart song or someone else’s? All of this can lead to second guessing and not allowing yourself to step out of old habits and see what you truly are capable of.

Tools for support:

In this step it is important to recognize what your heart would like to do for a living to survive and thrive in this lifetime. As you do research on your dream career. Follow your heart, as you are on the pathway to your dream career, remember that almost anything is obtainable if we persevere.

If you are not sure what you desire to do, take time to journal the things that you have enjoyed doing over the years. Is there something you loved to do that may be fitting for now? It is not too late in life, to learn something new. Be patient with yourself, maybe you were meant to try several jobs in this lifetime.

Listen for messages from other people on how you would be great at different occupations. These are powerful messages that you need to be ready to act upon. This is how the universe guides you to open doors that will help you on this new path. Be ready to go down several paths in a career and don’t be scared to advance or ask for further learning. You may end up learning about several trades that you may end up combining into one. 

Affirmation: I am learning to be patient with myself as I gather information to bring success to my home and survival.

“Essentials for Natural Healing” by Kimberley Anne Buckler


Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)

Known best for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Therapeutic Action: antidepressant, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, digestive stimulant, diuretic, insect repellent, sedative

Uses: allergies, anxiety, appetite (curb), cellulite, dandruff, decongestant, depression, dermatitis, diarrhea, digestive, hemorrhoids, infections (fungal), inflammation, insect bites, inflammation, insecticide, parasites, skin (acne), skin (eczema), skin (infections), skin (regeneration), skin (tightening), snake bites, water retention, weight reduction

Herbs from Chapter 9

Pokeweed (Phytolacca americana) Known as pokeberry, pokebush, pokeroot


  • Vitamins: A, E
  • Minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorous


This plant has up to thirty-five species: herbs, shrubs, and trees.  The trees can grow up to 25m tall. The leaves are alternate and evergreen. The stems vary from a green color to pink and read. The plant has flowers that are from a whitish color to a pink that turn into berries. The berries go from a green color to and dark purple/black color.

Part used: roots and young shoots

Therapeutic action:   

anodyne, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antiviral


  • Blood: Pokeweed is a good blood cleanser. Bones: Good for reducing the inflammation from arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Bowels: Pokeweed can be used as a laxative.
  • Glands: Pokeweed is used for enlarged glands: lymphatic, spleen, and thyroid. It helps to stimulate the metabolism.
  • Liver: Cleanses the liver and is a blood purifier.
  • Lungs: Used for reducing inflammation from respiratory discomforts.
  • Nose: Used to treat catarrh: helps to reduce the mucus build-up.
  • Skin:  Used for skin abscesses, acne, cancers, infections (fungal), psoriasis and scabies
  • Stomach: Used for increasing the biliary flow.
  • Throat: Pokeweed reduces the inflammation from laryngitis, mumps, and tonsillitis.

Other uses and information:

  • Used for increasing the biliary flow for the liver and gall bladder.
  • Pokeweed has been used to nourish someone who has not been eating properly.
  • Used in a poultice for the skin.

Caution:  This herb should be used sparingly, as it contains steroids and should be recommended by herbalists.  



– Beets are used for their detoxifying properties and for cleansing of the liver. Beets are a source of folate, which is necessary for proper development of the unborn fetus.


  • anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, hepatic
  • Other benefits: anemia, blood cleanser, fetus development, heart (cardiovascular support), liver cleanser.


  • Vitamins:  A, B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), folate, C
  • Minerals:  calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, silicon, sodium, zinc
  • Other: fiber, protein

Served as:

  • Best to cook beets as little as you can.
  • Served cooked, steamed, raw, and processed.


Have a great month, take the time to look after you.

I hope you have a magical month! Please remember that you are a beautiful soul and that your heart can be filled with unconditional love and light at all times!