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APRIL 2024

Newsletter # 189

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April brings the promise of Spring, seeds being planted, the songs of the birds coming back, and tour season!

I will be on the April 9th, 2024 heading to Winnipeg for the Galaxy Psychic Tour! My 3rd year of being able to travel and meet amazing people along the way. It will be really sweet to see our Galaxy Market family again.

Feeling a lot more comfortable now as I made the first months rent without a corporate cheque, clients picking up, and having a space that has just my energy in it. A space where honesty is heart felt, and respect is shown. Me, my spirit team, and my magical clients.

Thank you very much for being here with me and joining me on this magical journey! I know that you too can reach your goals, and live a life of magic that you truly deserve to have.

“Keeper of Ancient Wisdom Tarot” by Kimberley Buckler. This tarot decks supports the art work of the little girl within. This deck holds the wisdom of several lifetimes, and the tools are tools that I have remembered or revamp to help us out in our daily lives. This deck goes beyond any deck out there!

Thank you very much for being here with me and joining me on this magical journey! I know that you too can reach your goals, and live a life of magic that you truly deserve to have.

  • My tarot deck involves the Animal Kingdom, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, and Mother Earth. 
  • We have options to help us heal our chakra’s through the Major Arcana: Eagle, and with the Minor Arcana: Bear, Whale, Wolf, and Owl. 
  • The support tools will involve how we can use crystals, herbs, healing techniques, easy life skills, and positive approaches to life itself.

If you are interested in entity releases, Akashic Record sessions, energy work, house clearings, intuitive multinational readings, Reiki, or workshops, please email me:

Workshops can be taken to near by towns or we can set up one better suited for your time.

Featured Treatment

Soul Retrieval

There may be a time over a person where they have totally detached a part of themselves (soul / spirit) order to cope with a dramatic event.  This can happen at any time or age.  Many of the traumatic events appear to happen when a person is a small child, but this can happen during the teen-age years or as an adult in the present lifetime.   Most times the initial situation was not triggered by the person, but by something or someone that was in their lives at that time.  When the fragment is detached, the person has a hard time accepting change, or growing into the person that they are fully capable of being. 

When working with the client, a picture or vision of the persons energetic grid comes to my mind.  With this, I am shown that there is a hole that had been blown through the grid.  The Soul Retrieval is done by bringing back those fragments and clearing them with the violet flame before it is integrated back into the human body.  Once the fragment is brought back in, we can heal and reseal the grid.  When the process is complete, the person feels whole and can continue in a healthier state of well being.  This work is done during a Reiki / energy session or while in the Akashic Records.

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Messages from Heaven and Earth

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel’s presence is seen by her copper color and is known as “God is my strength.”  She became known as Gods’ messenger, helping with parents and humans that share messages. 

Archangel Gabriel is here to help those who want to have children.  This can be through a pregnancy or even with adoption. When this process is done with ease and no worry, the children will have a much easier start to life and many times the birth of the little one is a lot easier. 

Archangel Gabriel is here to help others spread spiritual messages whether through music, art, communication, dancing and more. If one wants to share or teach spiritual messages, this is the angel to ask for help. She will show you the way and assist with providing the opportunities one needs to go forward. Helping us to take that step and letting go of the fear.

She is an angel to keep in mind to call on for help, when you are working with the media, such as the Radio and Television.

Animal Kingdom

The salmon is a representative of our inner knowledge, and the wisdom gathering from our lifetime.  Over our lives we experience different events, some good, some hard, and some that were unexpected.  It is up to us to use this learning to help us maneuver through the rest of our lives with more ease.  How did we learn? How did we take a harsh event and use it to teach others?  Did we grow within and become stronger?

The salmon always returns to where it came from, no matter how strong the currant is.  When we go within, we are connecting to source.  God, Creator and Mother Earth are all pure love.  We can receive many messages from these sources and walk in this divine love and light.

The salmon can show us how to finish off what we started and that we need to take the time to complete the cycles of our lives.  When an event or period of our life is not fully looked after, we need to finish healing the emotions linked to this time.  Sometimes our next journey is delayed a bit till the healing process is completed.  This way the next journey is unhindered and can bring in many more adventures. 

The salmon can also represent the healer within us.  Salmon swims in water, a source of powerful energy.  As we go through life, we can learn to listen and feel the energy around us.  When we go forward to our new journey, our lives will be transformed to something that we may never have imagined. 




The Owl represents the air, truth and the sun rising in the east. The villagers depended on him to help bring back the balance when something is not right. The balance can be brought by knowing the truth as to how the imbalance began in the first place.

There can be a ripple in the air, in the waters, in the emotions, or something came in with the wind from the east. As the author is sharing this story, she is reminded of how the winds from the four directions can be different and create various weather patterns. The winds from the mountains can fluctuate from warm to cold, depending on if there is a chinook. A chinook is also known as the snow eater as the wind comes down the mountains to warm up the earth and melt the snow. The north winds always feel cooler. When the winds bring different energies, a person learns to know what to be prepared for regarding clothing to wear, when to seek shelter, and to listen to spirit and the elders. When the winds bring mixed energies, the animals will seek shelter until they know they are safe, and the energies or imbalances have settled.

A lot of times we get ourselves worked up over something that is temporary or something that needs to be done. We sometimes worry unnecessarily about our relationships or our challenges. What is it that we are holding onto that will not even occur in the present? There could be a lingering energy or unhappy emotion from this lifetime or another lifetime that we can heal and let go of. Are we letting thoughts interrupt our day or getting in our way of going forward?

When there is an imbalance in our work or home, we need to look for the root of the imbalance. We need to do this to start the healing which brings in a healthy change. This will restore the balance and bring a sense of peace. When we see how each party is reacting, we can go deep within and reflect. We may need to change our perspective or assist the other person to make change. Use unconditional love in your approach and share the truth about unconditional love and gentleness.

Work on not letting someone else’s energy influence your decision. You need to base your decision on facts, your gut instinct, and the knowing of the Third Eye. Another person with an overzealous excitement can create an energy that can suck you into something that may not really be for your highest good. This can create an imbalance in your finances, mental wellbeing, and your friendship.

Tools for support:

When we have troubling thoughts, we can close a door within our minds’ eye to slow them down. When we hold onto these thoughts, they can cause anger, fear, and depression, we slow ourselves down. To stop this from happening we can visualize a huge door within our minds eye closing. Visualize yourself locking up the door to shut out the thoughts that are causing chaos. A sense of peace will come in within moments. This brings balance to our mind, body, and soul. If the chaos within the mind continues, ask Archangel Michael to assist in releasing the source of the heavy energy and thoughts.

Be mindful of how someone else is projecting their energy on you. This is a practice that is used in the business world to get others to purchase things by projecting their “excited, do not miss out on this sale” energy. The aggressive sales approach that can lead people to over purchasing, financial instability, and paying for things that were not needed. Practice saying no, or ask for extra time to go over the pros and cons. When you say no, remember to not feel guilty for saying it, as you are learning to set boundaries and look after yourself. The Owl believes in honesty, and integrity. Make sure that you do not put someone else into an uncomfortable position for your own gain.

When we combine the knowing (Third Eye Chakra) and intuition (Solar Plexus Chakra) we can feel the energies that are around us. This can show us when something is wrong. The gut instinct that we need to learn to follow. You can clear both chakras, with the use of clear quartz or fluorite. Placing the crystals on the chakra while meditating on releasing any blocked energies. 

Affirmation: I am ready to listen, feel, and learn how energies are affecting my wellbeing.

“Essentials for Natural Healing” by Kimberley Anne Buckler


Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Known best for its detoxing properties.

Therapeutic Action: antibacterial, anti-cancer, antifungal, anti-infectious, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, diuretic, expectorant, relaxant

Uses: adrenal, arthritis, asthma, blood circulation, blood pressure (too low), bronchitis, catarrh, cellulite, digestive system, disinfectant, fibrosis, glandular support, gripe, hot flashes, infections (bacterial), infections (viral), liver, lymphatics, meningitis, menopause, Menstrual (depression and hormone balancer), menstrual: (irregular), nervous system, night sweats, plague, pulmonary, respiratory problems, rheumatism, sinusitis, skin infections, skin (tighten), sprains, stimulant, urinary.


Rose Hip (Rosa canina)

Known as rose hip. Rose Hips are known for their high content of vitamin C and natural fruit sugar.


Vitamins: A, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cobalamin), C, D, E

Minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, zinc

Other: alpha-pinene, apigenin, beta-carotene, botulin, catechin, flavonoids, isoquercitrin, lycopene, malic acid, pectin, rutin,silica, sulfur,  tannin, vanillan


Rose hip is the fruit that comes from the flowers of the rose plant. The fruit is from an orange/red colour to a dark purple colour. After the flower has bloomed, it will turn into the rose hip.

Part used: The fruit known as hip.

Therapeutic action:   

antibacterial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, diuretic, expectorant, stomachic, tonic

Ears: Good for treating earaches and infections

Kidneys:  Used to treat water retention. Rose Hips are used to help expel kidney stones.

Liver:  Helps to strengthen the liver and prevent cancer.

Mouth:   Used for treating mouth sores.

Skin:  Used for nourishing the skin and to prevent and treat skin infections. Used for bites, bruises, cuts, psoriasis and stings.

Stomach:  Used for sore stomachs and reducing cramping.

Throat: Used to relieve sore throats

Other uses and information: 

– Good to use to boost immunity, high in vitamin C.

– Rose petals are used to shrink inflamed mucous membranes.

– Used to prevent or dispel dizziness.

– Used to reduce fevers.

– Rose Hips are used in infusions, tea, or soup bases.


Served as:

Cauliflower is eaten raw and cooked.

  Have a great month, take the time to look after you.

I hope you have a magical month! Please remember that you are a beautiful soul and that your heart can be filled with unconditional love and light at all times!