As I go along, I always know that it is the client that is doing 90% of the work that is needed to be done.  When compliments get shared, I get bashful, as I know who is really doing the work, and it is not me, the practitioner.   But what our part is, is to provide that safe space for everyone and share the tools that they may need to start a new journey.  There is no schedule, no blue print plan.  What there is, is our souls communication with each other to help you release what you need to live a healthier life.  

 I have called upon Kim Buckler to clear my house and property twice in the past two years. Kim, is extremely thorough and a kind and gentle person in her approach.  She often will recommend other additional treatments (herbs, minerals) that will help to maintain the clearing.  It is so important to clear a new home before you move in or when purchasing used furniture/antiques that often carry the energies of the previous owners.
Corrie     Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

I have attended all of My Reiki Workshops with Kim, as well as a Crystals workshop and the Intuition workshop. Kim is an amazing soul and her workshops are worth every second, there is not only a lot of learning experience, but a true sense of spirituality. I definitely look forward to working with Kim again!!
Debbie    Caroline, Alberta, Canada

 Thank you Kim. I have to tell you, I saw Mary the next day at school and she is still bouncing off walls with excitement over the course. She is planning to go the earth gems next week. We all loved the course.
Elke    Redwood Meadows, Alberta, Canada

Hi Kim,
Thank you so very much for the links to the Spirit & Soul Healing newsletter and the Wholistic Directory. Great things for me to have as I am new to the area!!
As well, I did purchase the lovely crystal kit from you and would love to have the information on the 2 other crystals in there. I bought a beautiful pendulum from a store in town.  Unfortunately, the lady there didn’t know what kind of crystal it is, but I am going to do a little research and see if I can figure it out. It is the gorgeous orange color of carnelian, and it caught my eye the instant I walked in the shop, so i knew it was for me!! I’m eager to use it and infuse it with my own energy.
Thank you again for the wonderful class and I’ll be interested to see how the crystals benefit my and my family’s lives.
Thank you,    Jennilyn       Calgary, Alberta,  Canada

Hi Kim,

Lynn and Jill both enjoyed the day!  They both called to let me know that we should definitely have you again in the New Year since they received so much from you.

Huge hugs back and hopefully you will consider doing another class in the New Year.  I do have two people interested that couldn’t join you this time.

Have a wonderful Christmas,
 Julia     Calgary, Alberta,  Canada

Hi Kim, sorry it took me so long to actually sit down at my computer and go through what you had sent.  I thank you very much it gives me something to start with and saves me some time. As you said I think  I will go through my other books and combine what I have learned from both courses. Thank you again Kim. I really enjoyed my day spent with you learning the masters course!
Bonnie         Lacombe,  Alberta, Canada

Thanks Kim!
I was so inspired by you this weekend, you are a powerful teacher and i am so grateful we know each other.
I haven’t felt that much energy in my body for a long time!
thanks for the info!
talk to you soon,
Catherine    Calgary, Alberta,  Canada

I do try to work this out on my own daily, but at some point will need your assistance.  Thank you for everything you do, have done for me, my family (horses included), and I look forward to working with you in the future!
Have a great day, and I hope to see you soon!
Love ya,
Dawn     Cremona, Alberta, Canada

Good morning Kim
Thank you for taking time out of your schedule yesterday to meet with me for a reading.   I am so glad that I came across your website.  The reading was very positive, and has reinforced that I need to continue listening to my angels and intuition.

Thank you,  also for the ride to and from your home.  My truck was finished at 3:30 yesterday., so the day actually went very fast, as I kept thinking about all that you had shared in our reading time.   Have a great week, and the next time I am planning a trip to Cochrane, I will plan another reading time.
Donna        Chestemere Lake, Alberta, Cananda

Hi Kim,

Thank you so much for your knowledge!  I have a better understanding of how Reiki works…….. and have some really cool tools I have learned as well!  I just wanted to let  you know how much I appreciated your time and energy.
Have a beautiful day!
Gillian          Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Thank you Kim for your beautiful email, it touched me very much.  I truly enjoyed meeting you and I really felt wonderful leaving your house the other day.
Pascal was so relaxed after his visit, something he doesn’t feel too often so it was very positive for him.

Thank you so much and hope to see you again.
Best wishes,       Una     Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

I trained with Kim Buckler for Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 in 2012. again in 2013.

Kim’s natural intuition and organic teaching style allows her students to learn from her in truly beautiful way. She encourages her students to listen and pay attention to all the energy that is around us, she teaches us how to tune into that and apply it to our daily lives.

Kim is a wealth of knowledge with many of the healing modalities & her students are fortunate to share in her wisdom.

Have a beautiful day Kim! Stay warm & embrace the sun. –
Jody.    Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Kim is one of the most absolute genuine souls I have ever encountered. I have had the honour of being both her student and client. Kim is intuitive, honestly caring and has a profound gift for healing both the physical and spiritual. I would consider her a wonderful human being, a fantastic mentor and a healer by design. Kim has my eternal gratitude.
Aline Gagné, R.M.T       Alberta, Canada 

Amazing! Kim has an amazing gift. She is very welcoming and accepting and her heart is so kind and she makes you feel truly loved! She is very accurate with her readings and her healing is such a treat and you feel absolutely relaxed refreshed and rejuvenated. She provides a lot of support and awareness. Her teaching style is very unique and hands on! I have taken many classes with Kim! She is truly an amazing healer and woman. I recommend taking a class with her or having a treatment or reading done by her at the very least. She is beautiful inside and out and it is such a blessings every time I see Kim!! Thank you for your services Kim and all your help along my journey.
Elianna     Calgary, AB

I am so grateful for being a part of these amazing journeys with my sisters and brothers around the world!