Spirit andSoul Services

it is an incredible honour to offer healing treatments, spiritual guidance as well as workshops to enlighten your very own intuitive soul…

Guided Treatments

Treatment offerings are many and varied. They may incorporate a combination of methods that Kimberley is practicing. The sessions that are provided often go beyond Reiki. We can experience Shamanic Like Healing with soul retrieval and crystal healing. Energy work with the Ancient Ones and the Elders. The Angels and Ascended Masters are here to help. The Animal Kingdom is here for support and to learn lessons from.  We also get messages from the Fairy Realm as they have shown up for many clients. In some treatments even a wee bit of medium ship has been offered to share loving messages of those who have passed to the other side. All information received during a session will be shared with you.     

Soulful Workshops

We offer an array of workshops to guide you into the realm of intuition, spirituality and healing. Learn from Kimberley Buckler – Reiki Master & Intuitive Guide, certified Reflexology Practitioner & Empathic Healer.


private events & appearances

Kimberley’s services and workshops are available for occasions, retreats, corporate events and guest speaking opportunities. Email to learn more about adding spirit and soul healing to your events.