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Kimberley Buckler

Author, Multidimensional Readings & Energy Work, Reiki Master
Truth Seeker & Natural Healing

Clinic Location:      Cochrane, AB

 Hours: Monday to Saturday  9 am to 7 pm

What Brings us to Natural Healing?
– Reoccurring illnesses
– Repeated slide backs to old unhealthy habits
– Negative thought processes
– Constant depression, headaches, stomach troubles
– Fears, anxiety, lack of self esteem
– Physical, emotional & spiritual discomfort.

How Natural Healing Can Help:
– Within ourselves we are able to identify and heal ailments that cause repeated slide backs in our daily health and lives.
– The natural healing practitioner can help to release blocks that slow the healing process.
– Natural Healing can enhance the healing process naturally without constant side effects.
– Healing that increases our physical, emotional & spiritual well being at the same time.
– Help to restore the immune system, circulation, release of toxins and a lot more.

Truth Seeker:

We search for why we become sick, why we are not going forward, and why we are where we are today. Through intuition, spirit guided information and empathy we can find the answers and learn to live our truth.

Are you ready to go forward? Are you ready to regain your physical, spiritual and emotional health? Join me in the journey. Find the peace that you have been searching for.

It is time to bring heaven and earth together again and within ourselves.

You can book your time for:
Treatments, Classes, Gatherings, Psychic Readings and Clearings. Also available for talks on Holistic Healing and the benefits provided.

Gift Certificates:
Gifts certificates available for loved ones, family, and friends. Remember: A special event may be coming up. This is a real treat that would be remembered and treasured for a long time.

Please remember that you are an amazing beautiful soul and I am so grateful that you have joined me in this journey of the soul.

Updated July 28 2022

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