Spirit & Entity Releases

Spirit Attachments or other Entity Releases

Sometimes we do not realize why our energy shifts, we can become aggressive, depressed, angry or mad within minutes. Over the years, during treatments so many different situations that clients have brought forth, have shown that even though we are doing really well, we can be attacked with sudden heavy emotions without realizing the source. Then we start to believe that we are doing something wrong or we start to abandon anything that we are doing.

What happens, is that when we go into different places: stores, homes, buildings, yards, (the list goes on) we are open to picking up spirits or energies. Through experience, I have found that spirits that are stuck to the earth plane will look for someone that they believe will help them transition over to the other side. Generally the people that the spirits stick to are really high energy folk, as the person is like a beacon. Most of the time it is easy to help them cross over, as we just need to assist with the transition. Working with Archangel Michael and his team, we help to bring the light back into the energy field spirit and do chord cutting. This process helps both the person that attracted the spirit and the spirit itself. Sometimes we can do this work on our own, but sometimes the person seeks outside help. This is where I can help out.

There are times when the energy of the spirit is not in the light, and the spirit may have made some dark choices during their life time. When this spirit or energy attaches to a human or animal, the job of doing the release is much tougher, but it can be done. This is when the practitioner needs to beam in the light and love and knows within, that this transition can be done for the spirit whether it wants to go or not. The work for both the person and spirit is more complex and intensive, but we can with the purest of thought and understanding know it can be done.  This work is done along with a Reiki session to provide that safe transition for the attached spirits and entities and help the clients body readjust back to its natural state of good health and well being. This is all done during a reiki session.

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