The Essence of Who We Are

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A Guide to Understanding & Healing for Your Physical Being, Heart, Spirit & Soul.

This book was written to help those who are sensitive and empaths. I was in a car accident in 2015 that took me out of my comfort zone. This event brought me the realization that it was time for me to share my journeys as I learned how to function as an empath. This book also goes into the discussion of spirits and how they can affect our lives.

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After 40 years of experiences I was drawn to writing a book about the spirit realm.

This book has been written to help those who are learning that there is more than just human and animal’s co-existing on this planet. For over a year I have wanted to promote a new healing technique, but something just came into play that told me it was time. I am also a Reiki Master / Intuitive that has been practicing for over 12 years with clients and teaching classes. Along with providing sessions for: Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Reflexology, Past Life Regression, House Clearings and Ear Candling, I teach Reiki, Building Your Intuition, and Crystal Healing. My fascination with holistic healing has led me down many paths and to go within to access the ancient healings.

Now my story will begin and I hope to help others to understand that: no, you are not crazy and the spirit realm is here. Blessings for your journey!

Book reviews:
“I took 5 days to read this book as I wanted it to slowly sink in. It confirmed a few things that I have experienced but was still uncertain about. It taught me …a lot more about how to improve my workplace, home life, and my physical and physiological well being. It taught me how to help those in my personal and work life improve their own well being and how I can teach them to help others. I do have trouble with offering unconditional love but am working on it, and will work harder thanks to this book.

I highly recommend that everyone reads this as it can help all whatever their age or background. If all people on this planet could learn and practice what this teaches us we would have a far better World to live in.

Too many people go through life with problems that their doctor cannot help with due to lack of thinking outside the box and believing wholly on their text books. Too many people experience things in their life that they will not talk about because mainstream society tells them that it is not possible, because modern science has yet to explain it in a scientific way. This is an opportunity for people to think outside the box and learn about the spirit realm and how it can help us and in many cases save us. This knowledge can save personal and work relationships as we learn to understand what could be happening to ourselves and others.

A GREAT read Kimberley Buckler, many thanks and waiting for your next one.”
Mark G. , Australia

“For any of my friends who are spiritual, psychic or have questions or anxieties about the spirit world and intuition or mediumship, you need to read my friend Kimberley Bucklers book ” The Essence of Who We Are.” This book is so well written, easy to read and offers great insight and advice!!! Great job my friend.”
Debbie S. Cremona AB

Kim is my ‘go to’ Reiki person so, I was thrilled to read her book. It is a quick but informative read and certainly backs up most that I have learned in my spiritual journey. I would say that the latter chapters on The Other Realms and Protecting Our Space made me eager to perform a sage smudge in my own home upon reading. But, only because I was not aware that Reiki healers encountered some of these types of entities and it is somewhat alarming. On the same note, healers, in general, will greatly benefit from the author’s sharing of her experiences, recommendations and personal journey. I love how the book is peppered with actual examples of her first hand experience.
Elianna,  Manitoba

Amazing book. It’s so hard to put it down.
RJ in Cochrane, AB

Easy to follow and a great read for anyone interested in becoming more than what we are.
Kimberley is very in tune with herself and the universe and her writing reflects that.
Nina M  Edmonton, AB

Kim, I loved that you wrote it so it did not matter if you were a newbie to the spiritual realm or advanced, you could always learn something new. So grateful for all the knowledge you shared and I found it an easy read and to follow and understand. Thank you so much. Can not wait for the next book.
Nola S  Strathmore, AB

I thought your book was very helpful in going me understand similar experiences I have had plus it was easy to read and very inspiring. 
Shelley M. Calgary, AB

Essence of Who We Are is a book that you must absorb and read over and over. It is a guidebook to the inner self and the realms that affect us. I find myself reaching for the book and finding just the right page to understand a situation that is before me. It is a gift from a genuinely wonderful person. Looking forward to the next book.
Nicole C.   Calgary, AB

“The Essence of Who We Are” was a very thoughtful book. It helped me realize that I am not alone in this world with how I feel. There are others like me out there! It felt very personal and extremely helpful in putting to words the things we may have all experienced in our lives. Kimberley Buckler is a wonderfully empathetic woman with a ton of wisdom and insight to share with the world. She wrote this book in a way that is easy to understand and in her usual peaceful and loving fashion. She helps us feel comfortable with who we are and her empathy really shines through. I highly recommend this book, if you haven’t already read it!
Kimberley F. Calgary, AB

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