Online Treatments

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  • Virtual Akashic Records

    $120.00 plus tax

    The Akashic Records hold the information on your past lives and provides the information on how you can release the patterns that have repeated them selves. These patterns can show: abuse: emotional – mental – physical, anger, fear, frustration, physical ailments, unhealthy belief systems and more.

    In our 1 hour session, we will interact and journey together for clarity this powerful way of healing the body, mind and soul. Please pre-pay for your appointment and I will connect to schedule a date with you.


  • Virtual Readings

    $55.00$90.00 plus tax

    Readings are a form of healing. They can help us to release emotions that we are holding on to, to strengthen how we view our lives, and for affirmations – which can bring a huge sense of peace. Psychics provide readings in so many ways. Whether you use cards, runes, tea leaves, crystal balls or crystals, we use something that speaks to us.

    In person readings are done by appointment with the option to book a half hour or a one hour appointment.