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Welcome to June 2023

I am really sorry! I missed the May newsletter. 2nd time in over 15 years!

The last 2 months have been a whirl wind attending the Galaxy Psychic Fairs from Winnipeg to Alberta. Now going into B.C. for 2 shows! An amazing journey of growth and gratitude as I get to see so many more hearts open up within.

Thank you very much for being here with me and joining me on this magical journey! I know that you too can reach your goals, and live a life of magic that you truly deserve to have.

  • My tarot deck involves the Animal Kingdom, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, and Mother Earth.
  • We have options to help us heal our chakra’s through the Major Arcana: Eagle, and with the Minor Arcana: Bear, Whale, Wolf, and Owl.
  • The support tools will involve how we can use crystals, herbs, healing techniques, easy life skills, and positive approaches to life itself.

Readings, Energy Sessions, House Clearings, Workshops

Please email me: if you would like to book a session. Workshops are listed on the events page. Please let me know if you would like to book a workshop. Workshops can be taken to near by towns or we can set up one better suited for your time.

Featured Treatment

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records hold the information on your past lives and provides the information on how you can release the patterns that have repeated them selves.

These patterns can show abuse: emotional – mental – physical, anger, fear, frustration, physical ailments, unhealthy belief systems and more.

When we access the records on your behalf, the healing work is interactive and you can take a conscious part in seeing the events, healing, and releasing the patterns and emotions. Working with the Akashic Records is like doing a soul retrieval, to heal the fragmented parts of our soul. At all times during the session you are safe, protected, and have a lot of support from your personal masters, teachers and loved ones.

I highly recommend this form of healing, it has proven to me, to be a very powerful way of healing the body, mind, and soul. The clarity that we see while working with the records is profound and has left both the client and me, in awe, along with things we both see and feel at the same time.

The healing that the recipient goes through while in the records has amazed me and them and the feedback is very powerful and lets me know that this system that I have been waiting for to work with.  The Akashic Record Healing is like Reiki that I have been practicing, but up a step up in the clarity and interactive healing for the client.

Featured Ascended Master

Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is from Asia and is so adored. She is known as a goddess and is one of our ascended masters. She teaches us about compassion for others, mercy, and protection. She hears and responds to our prayers.

Kuan Yin did not want to ascend to the angel form but choice to stay in the human form to help us transcend to a higher state of being. Her love for the humankind and enlightenment became a powerful encouragement for those she met to go spiritually. She wants us all to open our gifts of creation and become the beautiful souls that we are in the human state of being. 

Kuan Yin is the Mother Mary of the East. She shares how we need to embrace the femininity within and embrace kindness and gentleness for ourselves and others around us. 

Kuan Yin helps us with clairvoyance, compassion, grace, and beauty within and around us, love, receiving, to show mercy and spiritual enlightenment.

Featured Animal Kingdom Message


The loon represents the re-awakening of old dreams and brings in lucid dreaming.   The loon loves to be around the water and is known to be the best of swimmers in the bird family. They can dive deeper and swim longer than other birds of the waterways. Water is a source of healing, flow of life, dreams, and other levels of consciousness.   

The loon’s body is solid, and it can keep them grounded. This bird shows us how we can access other areas of life or states of consciousness and stay connected and grounded to Mother Earth at the same time. This is very beneficial when we are lucid dreaming. To be dreaming and know we are, as we consciously are making choices in the dreams. This is like astral traveling.   

The loon shows us that we need to start to pay attention to our dreams and even record them when we wake up. These dreams can have profound messages that we can grasp right away, or they may appear soon. If you remember the dream, do journal it!   When the loon presents itself, we can also be bringing forth our dreams. We need to let go of the expectations of the dream so that we don’t go into fear state or stop the potential of who we really are. With this we can also learn how to be in different areas and become comfortable. We can access different states of consciousness to find our answers and become the powerful person that we are. Pay attention to your visions, dreams, and hopes. They are yours to manifest.

Keeper of Ancient Wisdom Tarot by Kimberley Anne Buckler




This amazing bird is both loved and feared by different cultures around the world. Stories were told that the owl brings bad news and is an omen. The owl brings important news that the community needs to hear, even if it is about a death. With Owl there are no hidden lies, and the truth is spoken.

The moon will be going down soon, and the sun will start to warm up the land. The father Owl is starting to settle down to snooze for the day. He had a wonderful night hunting to bring food home for the little ones in the nest. He is grateful that he had the strength during the evening as his right wing was still sore. Each time he needed to dive to get the food on the ground, his mind went within. He knew that he would still be victorious each time as his skills as a hunter were strong: speed, vision, wind directions, and the knowing of the outcome.

The Owl is representing the Third Eye Charka, our psychic abilities and the knowing. The Third Eye: imagination, intuition, perception, premonitions, the ability to see the spirit realm, and to have the sixth sense of knowing things that others might not know or see.

When children are little, many parents will still tell them not to lie by sharing the stories from their imagination. The child is told that none of it is real. These parents were probably told the same, as they were seeing beyond the human eye and were told to be quiet as someone might think they were crazy. When the child is programmed to only believe in the written word, or what they are being told to do, the child is losing sense of its own truth and values as they are being replaced by others’ truths or lies.

Owl shares that you need to listen to your inner wisdom, to know what is right or wrong, as this brings an inner strength in daily life. When we do not keep our Third Eye open, we can experience headaches, nightmares, unable to filter misleading information from other sources and a sense of feeling lost in a world that truly is not ours. There are people that are diagnosed as having ADD, schizophrenia, or borderline personality. Many of these people are strong empaths that can see, feel, and communicate information or thoughts from other people around them or from the spirit realm. Just like a powerful psychic, when they have not learnt how to filter the incoming information by setting boundaries, the person goes through emotional trauma and life becomes harder.  

A message from this card may bring the news of victory as you have used your inner strength and determination to get things accomplished. You should be proud of yourself, as you worked with your Third Eye Chakra, and your Spirit Team as you made the right decisions. Your team could be the Angels, Animal Kingdom, Fairies, and other spirit guides. This has brought a new beginning for you. You have a good start for the next leg of your journey as you have built a strong foundation. The work you did brings in more clarity, so you may see more into the future and the next process that you will need to follow.

Remembering to follow the truth as the Owl teaches us to do. Be humble, as this is a stronger energy and more healing state of being, than one who is loud and arrogant.

Tools for support:

What if I do not feel ready for a victory? And do not have the strength to go on? The first card in the Major Arcana is similar: the eagle felt he was tied down. He was fooling himself, just like the fox that thought he could not get out of the prickly bushes. The truth could be that you have been ready for a long time. The truth would show where your strengths are and the success that you have already obtained. Look at your strengths and know you have what it takes. We need to look at our thinking patterns and catch ourselves when we are not honest with ourselves. You can have a friend help you with this, and to gently remind you when you slip and doubt yourself.

If you have a hard time communicating, write your message down first. Rewrite it till the words come out gentle yet powerful. When the truth is shared properly, with compassion and with honesty, the words have a better impact on the receiver. When you share information, it can plant a seed of information for them to use now or in the future.

You can work with the crystal howlite to help with communication. This crystal helps to bring a gentle impact, while speaking the truth. (Make sure it is the white howlite, undyed).

Crystals for the Third Eye Chakra: amethyst, ametrine, Iolite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite.

Affirmation: I am remembering that when I share the truth, it needs to be done gently.

“Essentials for Natural Healing” by Kimberley Anne Buckler

Essential Oil from Chapter 14

Essential Oils

Myrtle (Myrtus communis)

Known best for its respiratory repair.
Therapeutic Action: anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, expectorant
Uses: anger (soothing), bronchitis, candida, cystitis, decongestant, diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoids, infections, inflammatory, insomnia, menstruation: hormones, muscle relaxant, psoriasis, pulmonary disorders, sinusitis, skin (acne), skin (bruises), sleep (promotes), thyroid (hyper), urethritis

Herbs & More

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Known as balm mints, brandy mint, common mint, curled mint


Vitamins:   A, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), C, E

Minerals:   calcium, choline, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, zinc

Other: acetic acid, alpha-carotene, alpha-pinene, azulene, beta-carotene, beta-ionone, betaine, caffeic acid, carotenoids, carvacrol, carvone, chlorogen acid, courmarin, eugenol, flavonoids, hesperidin, limonene, linalool, luteolin, menthol, p-coumaric acid, pectin, phytol, pipmenthol, rosmarinic acid, rutin, tannin, thymol, tocopherols, vanillin.


Peppermint originated in the Mediterranean. Peppermint is much stronger than spearmint, and more of a stimulant.  Peppermint has a thick spike of purplish flowers and petiole that are dark green. The plant has a square-like stem. The plant should be collected in August to September, just as flowers begin to appear. Every two weeks the plant is cut back when grown for the oil in commercial use. 

Parts used:   Leaves, stem, and oil. The oil is extracted after the flowers have expanded. The fresh and dry leaves can be used in cooking and teas.

Solvent: water. Mint should never be boiled.

Therapeutic action:   antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral, carminative, restorative, stimulant, stomachic


Bowel:  Peppermint helps to cleanse the bowel and is used to slow down diarrhea. Aids in irritable bowel syndrome.

Diseases: Studies show that peppermint oil can help inhibit the Asian flu, cold sores, herpes simplex, mumps, Newcastle disease and sinusitis.
Eyes: Good for strengthening the eyesight.
Head: Been used to treat headaches.
Heart: Used for heart troubles.
Lungs: Used in mixture for influenza.
Menstruation: Peppermint helps to slow down the menstrual flow.
Stomach: Used to stimulate the appetite, used in formulas for colic and in teas for nausea. Stimulating for gastric membrane and helps with indigestion by increasing the stomach acidity. With this it helps to stop the formation of gas in the digestive tract. Activates the secretory organs. Peppermint helps to stimulate the bile flow and relax the sphincter muscles of esophagus.
Throat: Used for sore throats from coughing.
Other uses and information:

  • Peppermint provides a stimulation of the vagy’s nerve and is used to release tension.
  • The leaves and stems are used in teas, vinaigrettes and as a decoration for dishes.
  • The oils are used in aromatherapy, lotions, and hand / foot creams.
  • Peppermint should never be boiled, it should be seeped and covered to keep in the oils. Peppermint tea and chamomile tea together makes excellent soothing and quenching compound tea.
    Caution: Peppermint is not recommended for mothers who are nursing. Overuse can cause nausea.
    Peppermint can interfere with the body absorbing iron. It is suggested that pure peppermint oil or leaves not be consumed.
Vegetables chapter 13

Artichoke – Artichoke has more antioxidant properties than cranberries and is low in calories. Benefits: – anti-cancer, antioxidants – Other benefits: blood cholesterol (lowers), bone health, brain support (cognitive), digestive support, fetus growth (needed by pregnant mothers), liver support.


Vitamins:   B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 (pyridoxine), folate, C, K

Minerals:   calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc Other:  fiber, protein


Galaxy Psychic Fair: April – June 2023

Multidimensional Readings & energy work.

Will have all my books with me to sell.

June 2-4        Kelowna, BC – Coast Capri – 1171 Harvey Ave

June 8-11    Langley, BC – Coast 20393 Fraser Hwy

June 16 – 18   Lethbridge, Alberta – Sandman Hotel – 421 Mayor Magrath Dr. TENITIVE!

I hope you have a magical month. Please remember that you are a beautiful soul within.

Magical books to add to your health & wellness collection.