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Welcome to July 2022

This is a magical month! I have one deck and book in my hands! “Keeper of Ancient Wisdom Tarot” 78 card deck with a magical 279 page book. This tarot deck is filled with magic, knowledge, stories, healing techniques, and so much more. Each card has a lesson, with tools of support and finishing off with an affirmation.

  • My tarot deck involves the Animal Kingdom, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, and Mother Earth.
  • We have options to help us heal our chakra’s through the Major Arcana: Eagle, and with the Minor Arcana: Bear, Whale, Wolf, and Owl.
  • The support tools will involve how we can use crystals, herbs, healing techniques, easy life skills, and positive approaches to life itself.

I have started a Kickstarter. Please visit my facebook page:

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Readings, Energy Sessions, House Clearings, Workshops

Please email me: if you would like to book a session. Workshops are listed on the events page. Please let me know if you would like to book a workshop. Workshops can be taken to near by towns or we can set up one better suited for your time.

Usui Reiki Class for Level One August 17th 2022 Wednesday

Level One: The students learn the history of Reiki and energy work. Receive the level one attunement. During the class learn how to clear the chakras ad learn about 3 Reiki symbols. Will be learning how to use our own intuition by practicing the Reiki on the other students. Each student will also be receiving a full treatment. This is a certification course.
Full day:  9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Investment:   Level 1         $ 150.00 per student
Class:  min 2 – max    Register:  403-796-2502  or     

Usui Reiki Class Level Two August 18th Thursday
Level Two:  We learn about long distance healing, and how it can be done. The students will learn the long distance healing Reiki symbol, then receive an attunement. Time will be spent practicing long distance healing in the morning and do a hands on Reiki treatment in the afternoon.
This is a certification course.
Half Day: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Investment:   Level 2   $ 150.00

Featured Treatment

House & Business Clearings

I have been asked if house clearing is house cleaning. It is in a sense: the clearing of energies that are in our homes that are not there for our highest purpose is a cleaning. These are energies that make us feel uncomfortable and not welcome.

This is what I have found in homes as they were being cleared: 

            Imprints caused by:

Emotions of tenants or past tenants:  fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, sorrow

Certain rooms or areas: when a person lives in fear, ex: being abused in a certain room, or confrontations in a living room: these rooms need extra clearing and more work.

            Entities or spirits:

Energies:  entities or spirits that are stuck here on the earth: some very obnoxious ones, some that are scared to go to the light (taught beliefs of behavior and acceptance by God), and energies that are hanging around and clinging to the others.

When we live in the homes with low energies, we come to believe that what we feel is normal and it can not be changed. Whenever the energy is low in my home or that if I can feel entities or spirits that are here and not for my highest good, I do a clearing to transmute the entities and help the spirits to cross over to the other side.

Whenever we move into a new home or old home, or even a business building, the building should be fully cleared with a smudge before moving in. In one home, I could feel the energy of an unhappy contractor in the utility room, and yes, we can be affected by that kind of energy.

As I go along with the clearings, there is always something new to learn and experience. The building is cleared from the bottom to the top, and not one room or closet is missed. What I enjoy is the after effect and the knowing that all the energy in the home is on a much higher vibration and calmer.

Effects of not having a house cleared or smudged before moving in:

Increased fighting among family members, increased anger, sadness, unwillingness to go into certain rooms, objects being moved or broken and not by family members. Children and animals get scared and unwilling to be let alone.

Featured Angel

Archangel Michael 

Archangel Michael is known to be “one that is like God”. He is here to help dispel the darker energies and toxins that are related to fear.  (I ask for his assistance when doing house and land clearings, and to help escort those out that have walked a path of darkness.) He works with light workers to help them in spiritual teachings and with healing work. He has helped and inspired many over the times, strong leaders that were here to help lead the people along a better path and safer areas, and light workers such as Brother Jesus.  

I ask him to be with me when I am traveling down the highways, we use his sword to help cutting chords for the spirits that have been stuck on this earth plane and hanging around on the roads. He helps us to be stronger and to realize that we do not need to walk in fear, that we are strong when we walk in the heart center.  

He can show that he is around by showing blue and purple lights, for females, it can be with hot flashes.   Michael is awesome when it comes to helping with electronics and even things like plumbing. I have worked with Michael for many years and always cherish his presence. Now I am learning how to use my own sword, yet still know he is there. He is an amazing brother and angel to have around.

Featured Animal Kingdom Message


The deer shows us how we can bring love and gentleness back into our lives. Shows we can see others around us with compassion and to know that within each of us is a spark of God and love. When we can see those that have been consumed in darkness and anger, there still is that God spark within, and one can change and bring light and love back into their lives.  All a matter of choice. God will receive all of us into heaven, no matter what journey we have walked.

When we look at the antlers of the male deer, we see changes and new growth. Each year the antlers are shed, and a new set grows back in bigger and with more points. The antlers represent heightened perception.

The mother deer keeps her newborn safe and out of site for several days. This provides a stronger bonding and does not allow any external influence in, until the baby is stronger enough to build a protective shield around it. Also teaches us, as humans to allow only immediate family around the newborn, and to make that life- long connection to the little one.

To have the deer come into your life can also show that new adventures are to come into your life. To embrace the new experiences with love and excitement. We also need to be gentle with ourselves and not push for things to happen. When we sit back, let go of the old, embrace the new, be kind and gentle, so many more doors open for us.

“Essentials for Natural Healing” by Kimberley Anne Buckler
Essential Oil from Chapter 14

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Known best for the soothing effect for the stomach and prevention of contagious diseases.

Therapeutic Action: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, expectorant, laxative, stimulant.

Uses: alcoholism, angina, aphrodisiac, appetite (loss of), bones (broken), colds, constipation, contagious diseases, diarrhea, digestion, expectorant, flatulence, heartburn, impotence, laxative, muscles: sore, nausea, rheumatism, scurvy, sprains, stimulant, throat (sore), tonsillitis.

Herb from Chapter 9

Melaleuca (Melaleuca alternifolia)

  • Known as tea tree oil.
  • Contains: alpha-pinene, alpha-terpinene, aromadendrene, beta pinene, camphor, caryophyllene, cinerol, cymones, limonene, linalool, p-cymene, pinenes, sesqiuterpenes, terpinenes, terpinolene.
  • Plant: The melaleuca plant is common to Australia. The plant/oil has over forty-nine different compounds to it that make this a very powerful healer.
  • Part used: The oil from the leaves is used. The leaves are used in saunas.
  • Therapeutic action:   
  • antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant, fungicide, stimulant. 
  • Uses:
  • Appendicitis:  Used to help lessen appendicitis attacks.
  • Blood:  Good for blood circulation.
  • Bowels: Used to lessen diarrhea.
  • Ears:   Used for earaches and itchy ears.
  • Diseases:   Used for candida, colds, gangrene (diabetic), infections (fungal), infections (genital), infections (viral), infections (yeast).
  • Head:  Used to get rid of lice and good for scalp problems. Immune system: Support for the immune system.
  • Intestines:  Used to eliminate parasites.
  • Lungs:  Helps with bronchitis, coughs, decongestion, influenza, and whooping cough.
  • Mouth: Used for gingivitis (gum disease), mouth sores and thrush.
  • Skin:   Used for acne, athlete’s foot, bed sores, boils, bug bites, burns, cold sores, cuts, eczema, infections, parasites, psoriasis, rash, ringworm, sun burn and warts. Used in sprays as anti-parasitic.
  • Stomach:  Used for digestion and stomach infections.
  • Teeth: Used to treat tooth abscesses.
  • Throat:  Used in a gargle for sore throat and tonsillitis. (The gargle must be spat out).
  • Other uses and information:
  • – Used for hemorrhoids, hysteria, inflammation, and vaginitis.
  • – Good using as a disinfectant for both the body and the home.
  • – Used as an insect repellent. Tea tree oil can be mixed with other oils such as citrus oils, eucalyptus, lavender, spice oils.
  • Bath Water: Can be added to bath water to bring relief to chicken pox or hives. Disinfectant and non-toxic. This oil can be used with dish soap to clean infected areas of the house or can be used as an aromatherapy to clean the air of bacteria.  It can even be used on face cloths to help with skin bacteria.
  • Douche:  Used with water for vaginitis
  • Face Cleansing: A few drops can be added to the face cloth or wash water.
  • Gargle:  The tea tree oil can be used in a gargle for sore throats and for mouth sores, but you must spit out the gargle.
  • Hoof sores:  For horses and pets use pure oil for a couple of days then use an ointment.
  • Hygiene: Used in cosmetic and dental products. Ingrown toenails: Used for ingrown toenails applying the oil under the nail
  • Insect Bites:  Add the pure oil to the insect bite. Use the tea tree oil with citronella oil in a spray to prevent bites.
  • Lice: Using tree oil in shampoo is the best way to use to get rid of lice. For the first application, apply the pure oil to the scalp and hair. Mix in well. Can add tea tree oil to the shampoo and cream rinse. Even use this mixture to deter any potential lice outbreaks.
  • Radiation wounds:  Mix the tea tree oil with oregano oil and thyme oil.
  • Ringworm: two drops lavender, two drops tea tree oil, two drops thyme.  Apply one drop at a time, three times daily for ten days. Then mix two tablespoons carrier oil and thirty drops of tea tree oil and use daily till the ringworm is gone or wash the area with tea tree oil and water daily.
  • Shingles:  Tea tree oil can mix be mixed with olive or flax oil and applied to the area. One part tea tree ten parts olive/ flax oil.
  • Skin: Tea tree oil is used in ointments, but the pure oil can be added to the skin.
  • Venomous insect bites:  Apply to the skin right away, two times.
  • Wood ticks / leeches:  Apply the oil to the wood tick/leech right away. Wait a couple of minutes, remove the bug, and apply tea tree oil to the puncture wound.
  • Caution:  Should not be used internally.  
Oil from Chapter 12

Siberian Pine Nut Oil

  • The Siberian pine nut oil is a powerful healer and is used for so many ailments.
  • Per 1 cup:
  • Saturated Fat  30 g
  • Monounsaturated Fat 158 g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat  23 g
  • Benefits:
  • – antibacterial, antioxidant
  • Other benefits: appetite suppressant, artery support, blood cholesterol (lower LDL), dandruff, gastritis, hair loss, hemorrhoids, immune system, influenza, lactation, liver, nervous system, pancreas support, respiratory system, skin (scars), skin (wounds), stomach (gas), tonsillitis, ulcer, weight reduction,
  • Per 1 cup:
  •  Contains:
  • Vitamins:  A, E, K, P

I hope you have a magical month. Please remember that you are a beautiful soul within.

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