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Kimberley Buckler (Reiki Master, Intuitive, Author)
Cochrane, Alberta                                              

October 2017   Newsletter # 111

Sessions Available:
Akashic Record Healing
Clearings (Business, Home & Land)
Readings – Reflexology
Reiki treatments (multi dimensional healing)
Soul Retrieval
Spirit or negative energy attachments
Walk Ins: how to become comfortable in the body you entered.



 11   11 111 and 1111 all mean keep your thought positive, as you are manifesting them into form. Focus on your desires, not your fears.

Ones are an energy gateway, the more the ones, the stronger the path is.

When I saw that October was newsletter # 111 I was excited and also was reminded that a huge dream I have had will be turned into reality this month.

“Essentials for Natural Healing” will be in print this month and loaded with information that I know I will be using and adding to as I learn more. This will be like a household go to for good health ideas and ways to help heal and maintain the body without the use of harsh chemicals.

If you have a dream or a goal, focus on what you would like to see and allow even more to come in. Each day I picture what I will be doing after this book is in print and I also think about the amazing adventures that I will let myself go on trying to promote it. Keeping a positive outlook takes us a lot farther in life and our bodies also enjoy the good energy of those good feelings.

Featured Treatment

Business, House and Land Clearings

Sometimes I am asked if a house clearing is house cleaning.  It is in a sense: the clearing/cleaning of energies that are in our homes that are not there for our best health and well being. Energies that make us feel uncomfortable and not welcome.

This is what I have found in homes as they were being cleared:

Imprints caused by:
Emotions of tenants or past tenants:  fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, sorrow
Certain rooms or areas: when a person lives in fear ex: being abused in a certain room, or confrontations in a living room: these rooms need extra clearing and more work.
            Entities or spirits:
Energies:  entities or spirits that are stuck here on the earth: some very obnoxious ones, some that are scared to go to the light (taught beliefs of behavior and acceptance by God), and energies that are hanging around and clinging to the others.

When we live in the homes with a low energy, we come to believe that what we feel is normal and it can not be changed.  Whenever the energy is low in my home or that if I can feel entities or spirits that are here and not for my highest good, I do a clearing   Because of being sensitive, it is easier to pick up on the changes.

Whenever we move into a new home or old home, or even a business building, the building should be fully cleared with a smudge before moving in.  In one home, I could feel the energy of a contractor in the utility room, and yes, we can be affected by that low energy.  It may take an outsider to come in and do the cleaning, as some of the energies seem to become too attached to the occupants of the building.

As I go along with the clearings, there is always something new to learn and experience.  The building is cleared from the bottom to the top, and not one room or closet is missed.  What I enjoy is the after effect and the knowing that all the energy in the home is on a much higher vibration and calmer.

Effects of not having a house cleared or smudged before moving in:

Increased fighting among family members, increased anger, sadness, unwillingness to go into certain rooms, objects being moved or broken and not by family members.   Children and animals get scared and unwilling to be let alone.

Kimberley Buckler (Reiki Master, Intuitive, Author)   Spirit & Soul Healing    


 Archangel Uriel

When Archangel Uriel is around you may see glimpse of pale yellow.  He is known as Gods Light.

Uriel will come to your help when you need to see the light in situations that have become stagnant or blocked.  He will bring prophetic messages and sometimes they are warnings.  Many of his prophecies came true.  He is an angel that teaches us about divine magic.    Archangel Uriel also has brought information on how we can change things.  The alchemy of changing a metal to gold.  With this we can also manifest into our lives what we require.  He is also considered one of the wisest angels.  He will be there when you need information or he may be the one that help to bring in that new idea for your project.  He is there when we need help with studying, writing, and for further spiritual understanding.

Archangel Uriel can be asked to help with any disaster on Earth, flooding, earthquakes and more.  When you need that help to lesson the impact of Mother Natures harshest weather, call Uriel to be there and to help. He can help to lesson the impact and help with the healing of the aftermath from the severe weather.



Jaguar represents integrity and impeccability and to live life with compassion.  Those who are drawn to the Jaguar, should also look up the Black Panther.  In the Mayan culture, it was taught that if one did not live in integrity and showed disgraceful behavior would have the Jaguar to deal with.

If one was not living a life of integrity, they would be cleansed of the heavy behavior, and those who lived an honest and impeccable life would be rewarded.

If the Jaguar has come to visit you, are you misusing your power? Passing judgement onto another? Self Serving? Are you putting yourself above others?  The jaguar teaches that we all make mistakes and learn at different times, and to allow others to grow as they need.


The Jaguar can also show us our patience is about to be rewarded.  We need to receive the rewards when the right opportunity presents itself.  Interesting:  The Jaguar teaches us to reclaim our personal power.  To take back what we gave away to others.  We need to use our natural given instinct and know when to reach and take / receive what is for us to have and when to say no.   This powerful animal is connected to all dimensions and we too can have access to this.   When we reclaim what is rightfully ours (personal gifts, talents…) and use this to go forward, we will be rewarded.  And to only share what we are after, after we have obtained our goal.  This does not allow others to interfere with the process that we are going through.

Workshops that are available:

Usui Reiki levels: Level One, Level Two, Advanced, Masters

Crystal Healing~ Couples Reflexology~ Building Your Intuition / Mediumship

Understanding the Spirit Realm

If you have a group that would like to do a workshop, I will provide a discount for the organizer. Also open for gals night together to do readings for groups. Or if you have a group that is interested in hearing about natural healing, I have done several presentations and can get recommendations.   I am now working full time with the holistic healing, treatments and workshops.  If you would like to do a workshop during the week, please let me know and this can be set up.  We need at least 2 people for the Reiki One, Couples Reflexology, and Crystal Healing.  For the Building Intuition it is best to have 4 plus participants. to inquire or register.

October 14th 2017 Saturday   
Calgary New Age Market
1320 5th Ave NW   Sunnyside Hillhurst Community Center   Calgary, AB
10 am – 4 pm
This is a group of amazing people in our community that have products and services that they have created on their own.  The vendors have crystals, herbs, soaps, natural products and so much more. I will have my book “The Essence of Who We Are” to purchase and get signed. I will have pamphlets for the workshops I teach and sessions offered.  You can also find some unique crafts on my table that have been created from the heart.

October 15th  2017   Sunday            Cochrane, AB
Building Your Intuition / Mediumship skills
This workshop is for anyone who would like to learn more about how to build on their own personal intuition.  Several methods will be discussed and practiced along with the support to strengthen your own personal skills.  Most of the day will be practicing by using cards, and working with medium ship by using personal articles. Bring 2 – 3 of any of the following:  personal items, pictures of family, jewelry or objects that were passed down to you. If you have a tarot or other card deck that you would like to practice with, please bring them.
Full day:  9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Investment:    $85.00 per student
Instructor:  Kimberley Buckler (Reiki Master, Intuitive, Author)
Class:  min 3 – max 10   Register:  403-796-2502

October 20th – 22nd 2017    Calgary Body Soul Expo
Booth 139b
I will be sharing a booth with an amazing friend.  Hilory will be doing readings and I will be doing the energy work !!!
Will also have my book and hopefully my 2nd one !!!

October 29th 2017   Sunday Cochrane, AB
Crystal Healing Classes
During this class, the students will learn about several crystals and their healing properties.  We also cover how to clean / clear your crystals, set up crystal grids, and clear your chakras. We learn how one can incorporate the use of crystals into our healing practice and daily lives.  We will be doing a lot of hands on with the crystals during the day.
This is a certification course     
Bring a lunch. 
Full day:  9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Investment:   $105.00 + per student
Instructor:  Kimberley Buckler (Reiki Master, Intuitive, Author)  Class:  min 2 – max 9       Register: 403-796-2502

I am now working full time with the holistic healing, treatments and workshops.  If you would like to do a workshop during the week, please let me know and this can be set up.  We need at least 2 people for the Reiki One, Couples Reflexology, and Crystal Healing.  For the Building Intuition it is best to have 4 plus participants. to inquire or register.


Essential Oils

Birch (Betula alleghaniansis)

Known best for being an enhancer and personifier.
Therapeutic Action: anti-inflammatory, pain relief, stimulant
Uses: arthritis, bone spurs, cramps, gout, hypertension, muscular pain, osteoporosis, rheumatism, tendinitis, ulcers.


Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa)
Known as black snake root, squaw root, rattle root and bugbane.
Vitamins:  A, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), C
Minerals:  calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, silicon, zinc
Other: beta-carotene, cimicifugin, formononetin, gallic acid, phytosterols, salicylic acid, sulfates, tannic acid, tannin, triterpenes, volatile oil
Plant: Black cohosh is a perennial that grows in eastern North America and is also cultivated in Europe. The dark brown roots are attached to underground rhizomes. The stem is slender, 1.5 – 2.5 m tall. The plant has compound leaves that have incised leaflets. It flowers from June to July with small white flowers about 20-50 cm long that have a peculiar scent.
Parts Used: the root.
Therapeutic action:
alterative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, diuretic: mild, emmenagogue, expectorant, nervine, tonic
Blood:   Used to lower high cholesterol levels and used to cleanse toxins from the blood.
Bones:  Used for rheumatic pain (especially in pelvic area).
Childbirth: Herbalists have suggested to use smalls amounts of Black Cohosh two weeks before delivery to induce labour and help with the birthing.
Ears:  Used for ear infections.
Head:  Good for reducing inflammation from headaches.
Heart:  Black Cohosh is used for cardiovascular and circulatory problems. Black Cohosh has been used as a mild cardiac tonic for fatty hearts as it lowers the heart rate and increases force of pulse and equalizes the circulation.
Kidneys:  Used as a diuretic for the kidneys.
Liver:  It can also have a stimulating effect on secretion of the liver and spleen.
Lungs:  Helps to reduce the effect of asthma and whooping cough. Helps to reduce mucous in the lungs.
Lymphatic System:  This herb can be used to help support the lymphatic system.
Menstrual: Black cohosh is good for relieving a delayed menstrual flow. Black Cohosh is found separately or in female formulas for experiencing uterine troubles and menstrual cramps during menstruation or after giving birth.  This herb is better to use than hormonal replacement treatments (HRT), as it causes less side effects and will treat the cause. HRT has been found to cause forms of cancers.  Black cohosh helps to reduce the hot flashes.
Muscles:  Black cohosh is used as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic for sore muscles.
Nervous system:  This herb is used as a nervine to reduce nervous excitement and epilepsy.
Prostate:  Black cohosh has been used to help reduce the growth of prostate tumours. Uterus:  Used for healing uterine ailments. Other uses and information:
– Used by Natives as an antidote for poison, snake bites and for bad cases of the hiccups.


Have a great month, take the time to look after you.


Kimberley Buckler     Practitioner of Spirit & Soul Healing