Learning to Work With the Spirit Realm

Understanding the Spirit Realm based on “The Essence of Who We Are”
       written by Kimberley Buckler 2015

~~~This workshop will provide experiences and understanding for those that are empathic, sensitive and connecting to the spirit realm. Many of us can feel or see the spirit realm knowingly or unknowingly.
~~~~We are at the time where the spirits are getting very active and can be seen by the children, teens and adults. Sometimes we don’t sleep well, bad dreams, spirits visiting all times of the day and night. We can set boundaries and learn how we can help the lost spirits out. This does not matter what age you are, if the spirits are getting your attention, then it is giving you a chance to help them out.
~~~You will be provided with many different ways to assist and to set healthy and safe boundaries for where ever you are.
Time:  6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Investment:  $45.00
Instructor:  Kimberley Buckler
Register:  403-796-2502

Payment can be provided with paypal, money transfer or cash.