Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval

There may be a time over a person where they have totally detached a part of themselves (soul / spirit) in able to cope with a dramatic event. This can happen at any time or age. Many of the traumatic events appear to happen when a person is a small child, but this can happen during the teen age years or as an adult in the present life time. Most times the initial situation was not triggered by the person, but by something or someone that was in their lives at that time. When the fragment is detached the person has a hard time accepting change, or growing into the person that they are fully capable of being.

When working with the client, a picture or vision of the persons energetic grid comes to my mind. With this, I am shown that there is a hole that have been blown through the grid. The Soul Retrieval is done by bringing back those fragments and clearing them with the violet flame before it is integrated back into the human body. Once the fragment is brought back in, we can heal and reseal the grid. When the process is complete, the person feels whole and is able to continue on in a healthier state of well being. This work is done during a Reiki session.

One hour $90.00 + gst        1/2 hour $55.00 + gst

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