Reiki Session:  One hour $90.00 + gst     Half hour $55.00 + gst

Payments: etransfer to , cash, or with paypal.


REIKI Rei (life) Ki (energy)

Reiki is a method of natural healing that was developed by Dr. Usui, who started a clinic in Tokyo in 1921. DR. Usui provided treatments to patients, he then started workshops and taught classes. Reiki is taught around the world today.

How Reiki is applied : the hands of the Reiki practitioner is held on top or above the body of the client. There is no pressure being applied to the body to cause any pain or discomfort. This provides a transfer of universal energy that sometimes feels like heat is being applied to the area being worked on. This source of energy provides a very calming sensation, that helps to relax your body and mind along with strengthening our spiritual well being. The Reiki practitioner will be guided by you and intuition to apply energy to different areas of the body from the head to feet. Reiki can be applied to any living being or animal. Sessions lasts up to one hour or longer.

– Release of: anxiety, stress, headaches, migraines, fears, anger, learning disabilities and creative blocks.
– Relaxation of: muscle tension and skeletal stress.
– Strengthening of: self esteem, self worth, and self confidence.
– Helps to lesson: learning disabilities, and behavioral problems.

Reiki is being used for people in hospitals, clinics, and in emergency situations to promote the healing processes. When a patient is terminally ill, Reiki is wonderful for decreasing the pain and releasing the tension. Reiki promotes the healing process.

Some of the reasons why clients have come for treatments:
Migraines: This is one of the reasons that I got involved with energy healing. Migraines can occur for several different reasons and be caused by unseen events or circumstances. From receiving shots of pain killers to being migraine free today and not taking any headache medication was enough conviction to learn more about natural healing and Reiki. We have used Reiki several times for Migraines with the clients and have been very successfully.

Toxins: One of my clients came in to see if Reiki could help with her health that she believed was being affected by the work place that she was at. During the treatment, there was a huge toxin release, and we were also provided with information on where to look for the toxins. The client called back a couple of weeks later, and explained how she went back to work and did find the two sources of toxins that I had seen during the treatment. This client is continuing with her Reiki training and is building up her strength.

Depression and low self esteem: This is felt by many of us, at one time or the other. A Reiki treatment can provide a new source of energy and strength that I have seen in clients several times. When a Reiki treatment is provided in a quiet atmosphere and the practitioner has been trained to provide the gentle healing during a treatment, a client receives a renewed sense of well being from the Reiki that stimulants can not provide. Reiki helps to release the original source of depression.