Our feet are walked on every day, bare the weight of our bodies and get stuff into shoes and other foot wear. In order to treat and pamper our feet, foot reflexology is one of the most relaxing, energizing and pampering forms of healing and relaxing.

Foot Reflexology is an ancient healing art practiced by early Egyptians. Foot Reflexology is a science founded on the basis that areas of the feet are comprised of zones and reflex areas that correspond to all glands, organs, and bodily systems. Foot reflexology is a technique whereby pressure is applied to these areas resulting in stress reduction by using thumb, finger and hand methods. Using foot reflexology promotes physiological improvements in the body. Foot Reflexology restores natural balance and revitalization.

Improved circulation: Our circulation is improved when the stress in our systems is released and we are able to relax. The oxygen and nutrients in the blood is able to flow more freely and increase the function of the cardiovascular vessels.

Release of Toxins: Since reflexology works with improving the health of the organs, it also helps to release the toxins in the body and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the organs in distress. Sometimes when working on the feet the practitioner and client can feel crystals in the feet being broken up, which helps to release those toxins. It is recommended that you do not drink alcohol within 24 hours of a reflexology treatment: the client could get quit sick during the session (a disbelieving client is now a believer).

Reduces stress and provides a deep relaxation. Over 7,000 nerves are stimulated during a reflexology treatment, opening and clearing the neural pathways. Each part of the body is worked with, re-energized and feeling better after a good nights sleep. The energy is the body starts to flow a lot freer and reaching area that have been restricted before the treatment. In summary: Reflexology is an amazing form of healing physically, mentally and spiritually. It can help to sooth the tired over worked feet and pamper the one that walks on those wonderful feet.

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