Readings (Intuitive Angel Readings)  

Commune with your angels and spirit guides, to receive messages and angel blessings. Receive reassurance that you are on the right path in life. Being a strong empath and intuitive Kimberley is able to address physical and emotional distress in your life, and reassure you through spirit that you are able to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally. She is developing her medium ship gift and is proud to share any messages that come through. All messages during your reading, whether using cards, or intuition are from a divine source.

Readings are a form of healing. They can help us to release emotions that we are holding on to, to strengthen how we view our lives, and for affirmations – which can bring a huge sense of peace. Psychics provide readings in so many ways. Whether you use cards, runes, tea leaves, crystal balls or crystals, we use something that speaks to us.

When I do a reading, I can emotionally and physically feel things from the person that I am reading from. During the readings, I may get a strong sense of discomfort, hear a huge no to a question, or to smell something that is connected to the client in some way (perfume, detergent…). Numbers, strong emotional feelings, to know what the client’s child is feeling, see a vision and more. And I do admit, there are times when I get no answer or just don’t see it happening, and I will say so.

During many readings I know there can be energy / healing work happening. I can feel the shift of emotions, blocks, stress and more. We are all able to share and help each other by using universal / psychic information just the same as the ole gut feeling that you get as a warning. A reader can see the amazing person you are. They see your potential, and help you to learn to love life again.
Intuitive Angel Reading
$80.00  1 hour Reading

$50.00 1/2 hour Reading

Bridal showers, get together, etc. Up to 12 – fifteen minute readings per group, in a four hour time period. $20.00 each.