Light Body Integrations & Walk Ins

Light Body Integrations

Our body consists of 2 major components: physical body and the soul / spirit. The spirit and soul of the person needs to be healthy, just light the physical body. I consider the spirit / soul part of the body as the light body. When the light body is not integrated properly, the human body will have a hard time being here. The person does not feel like they belong on the planet and may want to exit.
– The physical body is the vessel we need to live in while we are here on Mother Earth.
– The physical body we need to nourish properly so that emotional well being of the body is healthy too. Vitamins, minerals and proper proteins.
– The light body is huge, it is bigger than the physical body and needs to extend beyond the physical body.
– The light body needs to be fully connected to source, the divine. One may see this source as god, creator, or mother earth. This source is what one would consider as a higher being of love and light. In this higher source of light there is no ego and no judgement.
– When the light body is fully engaged within the person, there is less chance of other energies trying to occupy our space, as the vibration is REALLY high. If something is not of the light, it can not exist in this field of energy.

Light Body Activation’s:  Light body activation’s help the human body adjust better to the changing world around us. The vibration is getting higher due to us all working together to bring love and compassion back in to our world. Sometimes when we have just experienced a lot learning, or influx of energy, it does not sit well within. Almost making one feel agitated and lost. The light body activation can help one integration all the energies for our highest good. It also helps the person go more into the heart center of the divine love of source and reconnect again to the true essence of ones soul.

Light Body Integration for walk ins :  This helps a walk in soul/spirit become comfortable in the body you entered. This is a rare situation, but it happens. My theory is that before our soul / spirit comes back to the earth into a human body, we choose the family and life that we believe will help further us in our growth as a human being.  There are times, when one soul starts life in the human form but due to intensity of the lessons and situation the soul wants to leave. If it is for the highest good that for others that this human being stays here, then another soul will take that challenge to complete the life cycle of the human. The new soul / spirit never felt comfortable in the body that it is helping out with. One feels detached, they wonder why they are here, and many times do not remember the life of the human before they entered to take over.  With the light body integration, the process helps the newer soul / spirit energy fit into the body better. Creating more of a glove like feeling. When the integration is completed, the rest of the energy session is used to help release the past trauma from the first soul in order for the client to finish this life time a lot more comfortably.

The light body integration is done at the end of a Reiki Session.

Full energy session:  One hour $90.00 + gst    Half hour  $55.00 + gst

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