Clearings for Home, Land and Business

Clearings for Homes, Land and Businesses:

Many times I am asked if house clearing is house cleaning. It is in a sense: the clearing of energies that are in our homes that are not there for our highest purpose. Energies that make us feel uncomfortable and not welcome.  This is what I have found in homes as they were being cleared:
Imprints caused by: Emotions of present tenants or past tenants: fear, anger, sadness, anxiety and sorrow.
Entities or spirits: that are stuck here on the earth: some very obnoxious ones, some that are scared to go to the light (taught beliefs of behavior and acceptance by God), and energies that are hanging around and clinging to the others.

When ever we move into a new home or old home, or even a business building, the building should be fully cleared with a smudge before moving in. In one home, I could feel the energy of a contractor in the utility room, and yes we can be affected by that unhappy energy. Many times it may take an outsider to come in and do the cleaning, as some of the energies seem to become too attached to the occupants of the building. Effects of not having a house cleared or smudged before moving in: increased fighting among family members, anger, sadness, unwillingness to go into certain rooms, objects being moved or broken and not by family members. Children and animals get scared and unwilling to be left alone.
Home and Business Clearing: $105.00  gst included     

I ask for donation for fuel if you are more than 1/2 hour away.

Payment can be provided with money transfer or cash.