Akashic Records

Akashic Records: healing through your personal records

The Akashic Records hold the information on your past lives and provides the information on how you can release the patterns that have repeated them selves.

These patterns can show: abuse: emotional – mental – physical, anger, fear, frustration, physical ailments, unhealthy belief systems and more.

When we access the records on your behalf,  the healing work is interactive and you are able to take a conscious part in seeing the events, healing and releasing the patterns and emotions. As a long time practitioner, I can see this as being similar to doing a soul retrieval, to heal the fragmented parts of our soul. At all times you are safe, protected and have a lot of support from your personal Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

I highly recommend this form of healing, it has proven to me, to be a very powerful way of healing the body, mind and soul. The clarity that we see while working with the records is profound and has left both the client and myself in AWE, along with things we both see and feel at the same time.

The healing that the recipient goes through while in the records has amazed me and them and the feedback is very powerful and lets me know that this system that I have been waiting for to work with.  The Akashic Record Healing is similar to the Reiki that I have been practicing, but up a step up in the clarity and interactive healing for the client.
Akashic Record Healing $100.00  1 hour session 

Payment can be provided with paypal, money transfer or cash.