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Kimberley Buckler (Reiki Master, Intuitive, Author)

Newsletter # 148

Akashic Record Healing    –    Clearings (Business, Home & Land)
Readings – Reflexology    –    Reiki treatments (multi dimensional healing)
Soul Retrieval   – Spirit or negative energy attachments
Walk Ins: how to become comfortable in the body you entered.

Welcome to November 2020 !!!

November  is a 11 month.  Master Month

Excited to see some changes come in that bring promise and hope for a better future. We have manifested a new life, and have held onto the faith that we need to see this materialize. We never know what really comes up next, yet when we are staying focused on the outcome of prosperity: health, wealth and well being. I am excited to see what materializes next.

“Never Giving Up” and “Remember that you are a beautiful soul”


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“The Essence of Who We Are”      “Essentials for Natural Healing”

The Essence of Who We Are                                             Essentials for Natural Healing

“Entering the World of Multidimensional Healing”

Entering the World of Multi-Dimensional Healing