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Kimberley Buckler (Reiki Master, Intuitive, Author)

 Newsletter # 166

Akashic Record Healing    –    Clearings (Business, Home & Land)
Readings – Reflexology    –    Reiki treatments (multi dimensional healing)
Soul Retrieval   – Spirit or negative energy attachments
Walk Ins: how to become comfortable in the body you entered.

Welcome to May 2022

May is the 5th month of the year. I have always see the number 5  as being the time of change. What is it that we need to do to bring in more magic into our lives? What are we willing to change to do so?

April was a magical month, as I ended March and the beginning of April being at the Galaxy Psychic Fair in Winnepeg! A magical place to be, and amazing healers sharing their stories.

I have sent my document to an amazing lady to get help with my 4th project! I got the book almost ready to print, now to have the art work set up too.

May is going to be another magical month, as I have 2 Galaxy Psychic Fairs, one in Calgary and the other in Edmonton. The end of May a market in Calgary! A lot of change coming in to bring me closer to my dreams, and being able to be the natural healer that my soul yearns to be.

I hope you have a magical month filled with balance and light.

“Never Giving Up” and “Remember that you are a beautiful soul”

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