Essentials For Natural Healing


February 2019: new website for the book.

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 Essentials for Natural Healing

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Essentials for Natural Healing

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Kimberley’s love of having a healthy body, eating healthy food, having a healthy home and environment led to putting together this manual. Her goal was to have a GO TO book with ALL of the information she wanted access to. When the book was put into the set up, there was extra space so that you can add what you have learned.  This then becomes your GO TO book to health and wellness.

“Essentials For Natural Healing”

This book has many amazing ways to heal within and without.  There is information on energy work and many of the modalities that are available. 

Here are some of the other chapters:

Dairy ~ Fruits ~ Grains ~ Herbs

Legumes ~ Meats ~ Nuts, Oils, Seeds

Vegetables ~ Essential Oils

As we get to learn about and consume all of the above, this amazing book will also show you what all of these natural medicines have for our bodies.  We learn about minerals, vitamins and so much more.

Our bodies need to be properly nourished:

Emotionally ~ Mentally ~ Physically ~ Spiritually

We can obtain all of this by eating healthy and learning how we can energetically heal our spirit and soul.

Blessings for your adventures to good health and well being !!!