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Please note that there are more days open for classes: you just need to request them.
Please email me:

Workshops available:
Usui Reiki levels: Level One, Level Two, Advanced, Masters
Crystal Healing
Couples Reflexology
Building Your Intuition / Medium ship
Lightbody Integration and Advanced Healing Techniques

Upcoming Workshops and Events:


Unfortunately all workshops are postponed till the virus stuff settles down. I will send out a special newsletter to let every one know about the rescheduled workshops.


Are you looking for a speaker on health and wellness? I would love to be there for you. Have done several presentations for groups and organizations.  403-796-2502

I am now working full time with the holistic healing, treatments and workshops.  If you would like to do a workshop during the week, please let me know and this can be set up.  We need at least 2 people for the Reiki One, Couples Reflexology, and Crystal Healing.  For the Building Intuition it is best to have 4 plus participants. to inquire or register.