Over my life I have really enjoyed doing arts and crafts. These crafts were created to use as gifts.  I lived on a modest income and wanted the gifts that I gave to come from the heart and soul.

In 2014, while teaching a Reiki workshop at the school in Strathmore, I got to see the amazing artwork of the students. The feature of the month was the batiks that the kids made. This took me back to when I was 18 and made a commissioned batik wall hanging for an instructor. When I got home, the wheels started turning and ideas came to mind. I started to make some bags hand bags, small and yet the perfect size. I was drawn to working with the Animal Kingdome and have fun learning how to paint with dyes, using the wax, and adding some markers for effects. After a bit I started to use the stencils I made to draw at night in my spare time and created some gift cards. So much fun and very relaxing. The first time I play with the wax and dye in 2014 I felt like a little girl… the creations were fun and I was so excited to see the results. to order your purse!

Batik Bags
march 22e  batik bears

batik horses  batik wolfs

batik eagle and whale  batik pouches

Batik bag  eagle and bears

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More Patterns for the bags and the patterns can be used in gift cards….











Gift Cards
Each package of gift cards have 5 in the set, and no 2 are the same. Drawings with owls, wolves, bears, crows, and eagles.
Gift cards