Kimberley Buckler

 Kimberley Buckler (Reiki Master, Intuitive and Author)

Readings and Energy Work with Kimberley can involve:

Channeling- Mediumship 

Multidimensional Messages & Healing

 Past Life Healing with the Akashic Records

 We can be working with:

Angels, Ascended Masters, Fairies, Elves, Dragons, Animal Kingdom,

Mother Earth, Light Beings, and your Universal Soul Family.

Truth Seeker:
To seek the truth in any situation in order to bring in changes for the highest good. This term came to me in a dream. I was walking past a house and someone saw me and shared with her friend “Careful… she is a truth seeker, she knows.” This is also the path of a 7 (numerology).

Usui Reiki Master:
Kimberley Buckler is a certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. Taking her courses from two different instructors taught her that each practitioner has their own personal touch. Kimberley is an empathic healer who shares her gentle healing techniques with her clients. She provides respect and comfort during the treatments along with sharing thoughts for growth: physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has been teaching Usui Reiki since 2002, and finds every class a learning experience for both her and her students. The focus is on teaching small groups of students, allowing the opportunity to spend more time with each student. Even with the training and teaching Usui Reiki classes for several years, Kimberley finds there is always room for learning and growth. Her intuitiveness and strong empathic abilities have helped herself and assisted the students to grow in amazing ways.

We search for: why we become sick, why we are not going forward, and why we are where we are today. Through intuition, spirit guided information and empathy we can find the answers and learn to hear and speak our truth. Are you ready to go forward? Are you ready to regain your physical, spiritual and emotional health? Join me in the journey. Find the peace that you have been searching for. It is time for us to remember that we can bring heaven and earth together in order to live in peace each day. We all are healers within.

Other Training:
Kimberley became a certified Reflexology Practitioner through the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing and has taken several other courses at the Wild Rose College, including Crystal Healing, Angelic Awakenings and Traditional Native Teachings. She continues to follow her own path of healing through natural methods and is focused on developing her already strong intuitive abilities. As a natural healer and intuitive, Kim is able to pass on information and experiences to her clients. She has also through guidance, learnt how to do House Clearings, and assists in Spirit Healing and Releases (helping spirits cross over to the other side.)

Since becoming a Reiki Master in 2002, Kim’s training has gone beyond the traditional Reiki training as she works with the other realms, Angels, Fairies, Animal Kingdom and the Ancient Ones. Adding a bit of mediumship, intuitive readings, helping walk ins and providing light body integrations (which includes DNA adjustments) brought many changes in the lives of the clients.

Kimberley has provided several presentations on Reiki and Reflexology at the libraries in Cochrane and in Calgary, Alberta. Invitations for other group presentations have been accepted and greatly enjoyed. Kim has also brought together volunteers who gather together twice a month to give free Reiki treatments to the Seniors of Cochrane Alberta.

TV Show on Shaw Cable Channel 10:
I was very blessed and honored to be asked to be a co-host in a spiritual talk show with Jeni Cousins. The show started on September 15th 2013, Shaw Cable Channel 10, and I was with the show till May 2015. Each week there was new guest: holistic practitioner or someone who is aware of the shifts and changes that are going on. This amazing opportunity brought a way to share with the community what is available for us to heal naturally.


2015: “The Essence of Who We Are”

2017: “Essentials for Natural Healing”

2019: “Entering the World of Multidimensional Healing”

2022: “Keeper of Ancient Wisdom Tarot Deck”

What an amazing experience to see your visions become a reality and go beyond what the vision first represented it self as. I wanted to share my experiences as being a strong empath, wanting to live a healthy life, and learning to work on a multidimensional level.  With these experiences I can hopefully help out those who are looking for answers and want to learn how we can learn to live a more peaceful life here on Mother Earth.

Note from Kimberley: If you have any questions regarding experiences that you have been through, or seeking a support system, I would be honored to help you find the answers. I have gone through a lot of changes, still growing and learning. Yet I know what it feels like when we are stuck in development or have experiences that we are unsure of. There are many times when I have felt, seen or experienced something that left me unsure and not knowing what to do next. I have been blessed with support and would like to share the same.

Please email me at:  and we can all work together. Have a peaceful day and remember to enjoy and embrace each moment as it comes.