4. Keeper of Ancient Wisdom Tarot

78 Tarot Cards with 270 page booklet

In February 2021 I received a message from my Reiki Master. The message was to create a message deck using my batik artwork. The artwork is mostly of the Animal Kingdom, and the challenge was gratefully accepted.

The information in the booklet came from personal experiences from life lessons. I do energy work on a multidimensional level and the channeled information came from the Angels, Fairies, Animal Kingdom, Mother Earth, and my spirit team.

This is a tarot deck like none other. We are working with the your chakras, with crystals and herbs while learning about options that we have to function in today’s world. We all are sensitive in some way or the other. You will find some magical solutions to help you go forward.

Copyrighted 2022 Kimberley Anne Buckler

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The investment for this deck is $44.00 + GST