3. Entering the World of Multidimensional Healing

“Entering the World of Multidimensional Healing” published 2019

This book was brought forth by the realization that another story needed to be told. In my world, these stories are true. As many of you read this book, you will realize that you, too, have had many experiences that are similar and the events that I get to share will be affirmations for you.

When we are children we get to play in the world of imagination, where things are seen, and words and songs are heard. Stories are told and we sometimes have invisible friends. Our friends may be spirits, fairies, dragons, trolls, elves, pixies or spirits. When we can visit our (imaginary) spirit friends, we are happy and able to access the realms that many have shut out by closing the doors. Maybe we were a bit frightened, or someone kept telling us that these things are not real and only our imagination. It may take an uncluttered mind or a pure heart to be able to access these realms, and when we do, the magic really begins.

Join me on this journey of the heart and soul to see what is here for us to experience and become open to the other dimensions again. As an energy worker, from helping humankind and animals heal within to helping spirits cross over to the other side, the universe opened its doors to me to see and remember who we really are.

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Entering the World of Multi-Dimensional Healing