2. Essentials for Natural Healing

“Essentials for Natural Healing”


Holistic Healing: The process of healing the body naturally: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Many times when a person is prescribed chemicals, the person is given a mask to cover what is happening to the body. Not many of the holistic options have side effects. The holistic options can provide a stronger and longer lasting healing foundation.

This journey to holistic healing and healthy living started when I was around sixteen years old. A friendship with a very down to earth friend brought forth information as to why I was not feeling good physically and how my eating habits needed to change. Even today, I still enjoy those home baked cookies, but I am not near that weight I was at 16. I slimmed down, and my overall health is very good.

While I was becoming aware of the foods that I was consuming, I began to learn about the different effects that the products on the store shelves have on our bodies. I also realized that many work environments are toxic and how I needed to protect myself better when I was there.

Our food, the environment and our thinking patterns create an effect on how our human bodies react on a daily basis. When any one of these factors is not being looked after, we experience ill health and discomfort on many levels. This can be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. My body and mind have been a walking testament of how I am living. From having a bunion on my foot that was very painful to migraines that had me taking painkillers, I realized that I needed to make some more changes in my life.

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Essentials for Natural Healing

CHAPTER 1.   Holistic Healing Techniques

CHAPTER 2 .   Energy Healing

CHAPTER 3 Healing Property Terms

CHAPTER 4 Proper Nutrition Essentials: Minerals, Vitamins, Oils, Enzymes, Proteins and Antioxidants

CHAPTER 5 Mother Earth’s Foods and Medicines

CHAPTER 6     Dairy


CHAPTER 8 Grains

CHAPTER 9 Herbs and Other Healing Plants

CHAPTER 10 Legumes

CHAPTER 11 Meats

CHAPTER 12 Nuts, Oils & Seeds

CHAPTER 13Vegetables

CHAPTER 14 Essential Oils

CHAPTER 15 Ailments and Alternative Options

CHAPTER 16 Safe and Natural Ways to Keep a Healthy Home

CHAPTER 17   Food Preservation

CHAPTER 18Gardening for Health

CHAPTER 19 A Recipe or Two, Tasty and Healthy